Some contend that parents today understand children better than parents in the past. Others assert that parents today do not understand children as well as parents in the past. If asked, both groups would present compelling reasons to substantiate their assertions. For the following reasons, I believe that parents in the past understood children better than parents in our generation. First, today parents are too busy to spend time with children; second, children today are occupied with extracurricular activities.

First, parents today work many hours, so their time with children is very limited. Nowadays, it is not unusual that both parents have full time jobs. For example, both of my parents graduated good universities, hit good jobs with high salaries, and have been promoted to managers in their companies. Unfortunately, they literally work themselves to death and spend very little time with my brother and me. They usually come home around midnight and leave the house before six in the morning. Often they are on business trips; my brother and I rarely see my parents.

Second, children today are occupied with activities outside the house. Most children are busy in participating in extracurricular activities after school. Take my brother for example; he goes to a cramming school on weekdays and takes piano and swimming lessons on weekends. He comes home at ten p.m. every night, takes a bath and goes to bed. He spends almost no time with our parents. My grandfather always complains that my brother should quit some of his activities outside the house.

It is true that parents today have technological means to communicate with children such as the internet and cell-phones. However, real physical contacts with children are far more important than online conversations. I would say one hug is worth 1000 telephone calls. In conclusion, first, today parents work hard so that they spend little time with children; second, children today are overwhelmed by extracurricular activities. For these reasons, in my opinion, parents in the past know about their children much better than parents in the modern world. My grandfather believes that his relation with his children was much closer than the relationship between my parents and me; both parents and children had much time to spend together in the past. (375 words)

Some contend that learning through TV is better than through reading books. Others assert that reading books are more useful than watching TV. If asked, both groups would present their assertions to corroborate their perspectives. For the following reasons, in my opinion, learning by TV is much more effective than reading books. First, one can learn a great deal of information in a short time on TV; second, it is more enjoyable to learn from TV.

First, one can obtain more information in a brief time period on TV. The other day, I was watching a documentary program on the history of the universe. This program explained very difficult concepts such as black holes, worm holes, big bang, and the theories of relativities using many illustrations and interviews with experts. If I tried to learn the same amount of information from books, it would take forever. In addition, it would be very difficult to grasp those scientific ideas from books. This example demonstrates that one can learn well summarized information on TV.

Second, it is more enjoyable to learn from TV. The TV utilizes all kinds of techniques to make our learning more interesting. For example, I was watching a program called the mystery of the UFO. The program included pictures of various types of unidentified objects, interviews of eyewitnesses, and a story of a person kidnapped by an UFO. I had a very enjoyable time watching this program. Had I read books to get the same information, it would have been a very boring experience without such additional features of TV such as pictures, interviews, stories, and three dimensional illustrations.

It is true that one may be able get more reliable information from books. However, if we are careful enough, one can obtain reliable information from TV as well. In conclusion, first, one can learn a great deal of information in a short time on TV; second, it is more enjoyable to learn from TV. TV is an invaluable tool in the modern life and, I cannot imagine what our lives would be like without TV. (346 words)


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