51. Talk about a subject that you think is important but you do not enjoy studying.

Math is a subject that falls into this category. I know math is important because it is used in other subjects such as physics, thermodynamics, and statistics, but I have never developed my affinity with math primarily because of one particular math teacher in high school. He punished us by hitting our heads with a bamboo sword if we could not solve a math problem on the black board. We all hated him. I lost my motivation, did not study, and had poor grades. This is why I still do not enjoy studying math even today.
52. Watching a movie in a theatre and watching a movie at home, which do you prefer and why?

I definitely prefer to watch a movie at home for two reasons. First, it is much cheaper. It costs me 15 dollars to watch a movie in a theatre, while it costs me one dollar to rent a CD or it costs me nothing if I can download a movie from the internet. Second, I can eat my favorite potato chips and roasted peanuts while watching a movie at home. In a theatre, I am sure that other viewers would not appreciate the noise of my eating potato chips. For these reasons, I love watching a movie at home.
53. Where do you like to go shopping?

My favorite place to shop is the basement floors of a department store, where variety of food stores such as delicatessens, bakeries, cake shops are located. First, there are many sample corners where I can eat samples of cakes, chocolates, and cookies. Virtually, you can make your stomach full for free of charge. Second, I can purchase food items from around the world. For example, the other day I bought a red wine from Chili, a cheese from France, and my all- time favorite beef jerky from America.
54. Where do you like to go shopping for clothes?

My favorite place to shop my clothes is Woodfield Mall in Chicago. First, this mall has over 300 shops and restaurants and virtually there is nothing you cannot find there. If you want to buy high-priced designers’ clothing, almost all world famous brands such as Gucci, Shanel, and Prada are sold in the mall. In contrast, if you need just ordinary clothing, JCPenney and Sears would be right places to satisfy your shopping desire. In addition, after hours of shopping, you can have a relaxing foot massage or have a brunch at a restaurant in the mall.
55. It is important to study the history of our ancestors.

Studying the history of our ancestors gives us the ability to learn from past mistakes. For example, the recent earthquakes and subsequent tidal waves in Japan killed more than 15000 people. If we had studied the records of previous earthquakes more carefully, we could have taken some actions to save the majority of 15000 people. We could have relocated people to higher elevations where the tidal waves would not reach.
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56. What is an interesting book you have not read yet?

My friend recommended me to read "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. My friend enjoyed reading this book because difficult concepts in astrophysics were presented by using easy to understand terms. Although he had no prior knowledge of astrophysics, he was able to understand clearly some of the most difficult concepts such as quantum physics, theory of relativity, worm holes, black holes, big bang, etc. He really enjoyed reading this book and strongly recommended me to read it.
57. Do you prefer a friend who has the same thoughts or a friend who has different thoughts?

I do not mind at all having friends who have different opinions than mine. Actually I have many friends who always disagree with my opinions, but we have maintained great and long-term friendships. I feel it is intellectually stimulating to exchange our ideas and opinions on a subject. For example, my best friend has totally different political views from mine. When it is voting time, we always have different opinions as to which party we should be supporting. But these arguments are always purely logical and constructive from which both of us can learn and benefit.

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