43. If a high school is planning to organize after-school activity for its students, what kind of activity would you recommend and why?

I would recommend the school to organize a cooking program. This has two benefits. First, obviously, students can learn how to cook dishes. This will be a very beneficial opportunity for male students in particular, since most boys in my country do not learn cooking at home. Second, this program will help students to release their stresses. High school students in my country are always on the go. They are busy with classes, sports, and cramming schools. Cooking will be a great outlet for releasing their tension. For these reasons, I recommend a cooking program.
44. Do you think that people will read fewer books in the future?

As far as paper books are concerned, they are destined to become either obsolete or extinct in the future for two reasons. First, electronic books, being cheaper and lighter, will replace paper books. I bought a Kindle book reader last year, and since then I have never bought one single paper book. Second, electronic books are greener to the environment. A large number of trees can be saved by using electronic books. For these reasons, I agree with this statement that people will read less paper books.
45. Describe a tool or an object that you rely on often in your daily life. Explain why it is important to you. Include reasons and examples to support your response.

Among the many things I rely on in my daily life, my cell phone is certainly one of the most frequently used and also the most important. I consider my family and children are of prime importance to me. As my job requires me to travel extensively, my cell phone is a very important means to communicate with my family. Also, with my cell phone, I can make reservations for my hotels and trains very easily. I cannot imagine what my life will be like without my cell phone.
46. Some people prefer to solve a challenge all by themselves. Others prefer to depend on other people’s help. Which do you prefer?

It depends on what kinds of challenge I face. If a problem is very personal, like breaking up with my girlfriend, it would be very embarrassing to discuss it with others. I will try to resolve on my own. In contrast, if the issue is more complicated and requires more skills and experience to resolve it, then I would turn to others for their advice. For example, when selecting my future career, I would solicit advice from senior people.
47. Describe an activity you tried and enjoyed recently. Explain why it was enjoyable to you.

I read a book titled "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. I enjoyed reading this book because difficult concepts in astrophysics are presented by using easy to understand terms. Although I had no prior knowledge of astrophysics, I was able to understand clearly some of the most difficult concepts such as quantum physics, theory of relativity, worm holes, black holes, big bang, etc. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would always recommend it to my friends.
48. Some people prefer to write diaries or take photos to record things they have experienced. Others do not. What is your opinion?

I definitely prefer to record my experience in diaries or photo albums for two reasons. First, by going through the pages of my photo albums, I can visually revisit the important moments of my life such as my first walking as a baby, my graduation, and my wedding, etc. Second, by reading my diaries, I can recollect my inner thoughts. It is interesting to realize that while photos show how my physical appearance has changed, my diaries suggests that my thoughts have not changed much over years.

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