33. What measure can you suggest to help improve the campus environment?

I will present two environmental measures that can be implemented. The first measure is to give out a free laundry rack to each student living on campus. This will reduce power consumption of electric dryers. The second suggestion is to give a free LED light bulb in exchange for 6 used regular bulbs. This will obviously help reduce the power consumption on campus. I think these are very effective means to improve the campus environment.

Other examples:
Green bike program: Each student can borrow a free bike.
Free compost:
34. Some people play games for enjoyment. Others play games in order to win. Which do you prefer and why?

As far as I am concerned, I play games for fun and relaxation. I belong to a local volleyball team and we practice twice per week for just fun. As my job requires me to stay in my desk all day long, I feel pretty exhausted at the end of my work day. Practicing volleyball with my friends really relieves my stresses. In addition, after each practice session, we typically go out for a dinner or drinking which I really enjoy.
So I play games for fun.
35. Talk about two singers who are popular in your country. Explain why they are popular and how they are different.

I would like to talk about two Japanese singers, Hikaru Utada and Misora Hibari, (both are very famous and influential singers in Japan but with distinct differences in terms of their musical style and audience.) Hikaru Utada, born and raised in America, is one of the most famous pop singers in Japan. She is immensely popular among young generations. In contrast, Misora Hibari is famous for her traditional folk songs. Although she passed away more than 20 years ago, she still enjoys great popularity among older generations born in the 40s and 50s.
36. When they meet a problem, some people prefer to seek advice or help from people who are older than they are, while others prefer to seek advice or help from people of the same age. Which do you prefer?

It depends on what kinds of problems I face. If a problem is very personal, like breaking up with my girlfriend, I would not seek advice from my parents. Instead, I would discuss this with my friends of the same age, because they can more easily relate to my problem. In contrast, if the issue is more complicated and requires more skills and experience to resolve it, then I would turn to older people for their advice. For example, when selecting my future career, I would solicit advice from senior people.

Career: 発音に注意。かりーあ、(きゃりーあ ではない)
37. The university dining hall is changing its food service to include more healthy food with lower calories. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this change?

Obviously, for those who are trying to reduce their weight, it is a great advantage to be able to select low-calorie foods in the dining hall.
On the other hand, for those who are not on a diet, these low-calorie dishes mean they have less choices of regular dishes. In addition, more often than not, low calorie foods are not as tasty and filling as regular foods. The other day I had a tofu stake and it was not even close to a real stake. Actually I hated the taste and texture.
38. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Watching sports programs on television is not a good use of time.

I disagree with this statement. Watching sports programs on TV has many advantages.
First, it's an opportunity to escape from the normal wear and tear of everyday life.
Second, it's also an opportunity to bond with other family members. Some of my best memories of spending time with my dad were watching the Chicago Bears play football on Sunday mornings. We didn't need to talk to each other. We communicated by yelling and cheering at the television.

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