33. What personal quality do you admire most, creativity, courage or intelligence? Explain why? Please include details and examples in your response.

I admire courage most, because without courage, most people give up before achieving a success. Tradition has it, for example, that Thomas Edison made thousands of attempts to create a light bulb before he finally succeeded. In the face of countless failures, he had enough courage to continue. Yes, he was an extremely intelligent and creative man, but without his courage to overcome difficulties, he could not have materialized many of his inventions. So, I admire courage most.
34. Some people prefer to listen to music while they are studying or working. Others prefer to stay in a quiet place while they are studying or working. Which way do you prefer and why?

It depends on what subjects I study. For example, when I study relatively easy subjects such as history or geography where no complicated calculations are involved, I always listen to my favorite music pieces, because listening to music relaxes me, keeps me awake, and improves my study performance. In contrast, when I study difficult subjects such as math and physics, where many calculations are required, listening to music only disturbs my concentration and deteriorates my performance. In a nutshell, it depends on which subjects I study.
35. One of your friends has been offered a job in a town far away from home. Do you think your friend should take this job?

Suppose my friend is married, has two young children, and his wife does not want to move to a new location. I would not recommend him to take this job for two reasons. First, being away from home means he cannot spend quality time with his family. This long term separation may result in a divorce in the worst case.
Second, taking this job means more financial burden on his family because two living locations are always more costly than one location.
So, I do not recommend him to take this job.
36. When they are studying to prepare for an exam, some students like to study with other people, while others like to study alone. Which do you prefer and why?

I definitely prefer to study with others. First, I can learn faster in a group than studying alone. For example, I have a weakness in math. When I encounter a difficult math problem I tend to struggle over it for many hours. Instead, I can ask a question to my group members and in one minute or so someone can help me to solve the problem. Second, I enjoy helping other students in a group. For instance, my strong subject is chemistry and I can help other students with almost any questions on chemistry.
So, I prefer studying in a group.
37. College students should not be allowed to keep pets in their dormitories.

In my opinion, pets should not be allowed in dormitories for two reasons.

Some students in the same dorm may be allergic to certain pets. Or they do not want to be disturbed by noises and smells. For example, my roommate was allergic to cats and although I love keeping my cat, I could not bring my cat to the dorm. Second, college students are always on the go. They are busy with classes, meetings, sports, and parties. It is very difficult to find enough time to take care of pets. Besides, locking a pet in a small dorm room unattended is not fair to them.
For these reasons, pets should not be allowed in dormitories.
38. If your friend wants to open a restaurant, what suggestions will you give him regarding food and location?

My main suggestion is to make a menu unique so that customers can differentiate the restaurant from others. There are so many restaurants out there and if the menu is just an ordinary one, customers will come once but they will not come back again. So, one of the keys to a success is having a menu that stands out in the crowd. As for the location, obviously it would be better to be situated in an area where many people gather. However, if the menu is unique, people will find the restaurant no matter where it is located.
So, my best suggestion is to make a unique menu.
39. Students nowadays work harder in their study than students in the past.

I definitely agree with the statement that students now study harder. The competition among students today is much tougher than that of previous generations. According to a statistics, fifty years ago in my country, only ten percent of students received university education, while now more than 90 percent of students advance to universities. As a result, students today are forced to study harder to succeed in this highly competitive environment. (In addition, the recent recession in economy makes students study harder to get better employment opportunities.)
40. What measure can you suggest to help improve the campus environment?

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