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Test 4
According to the reading, business owners hire secret shoppers to test and evaluate the services provided by employees. This is called customer service testing. The professor explains two examples to demonstrate this concept.

First, the professor owned a restaurant and hired a secret shopper to test the services of his staff. One waitress provided excellent services to the secret customer, and she was promoted.

On the other hand, a cook became angry and spoke dirty words when a dish was returned by the test customer. He was fired.

These examples demonstrate the concept of customer service testing.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. 50 sec.
Test 5
According to the reading, plants in rainforests make adaptations to particular conditions of rainforests such as limited sun light and constant wet conditions. The professor uses urn plants to describe this.

First, urn plants dwell on tall tree to receive enough amount of sunlight, but too much light actually damages them.

Second, urn plants have cup-shaped leaves to store water, so that they can receive water whenever they want.

These demonstrate adaptations of rainforest plants.
Thanks for listening and for your patience. Hope you have a great day. Bye now. 45sec.
Test 6
When a company has a new product, first it identifies potential target groups of people, and then test the product on those people prior to releasing it. Based on the test results, the company can make modifications to the product. This is called target marketing. The professor uses two examples.

First, a movie studio tested a new animated movie on children before releasing. The responses from children were good, and so was the actual performance.

Second, a movie studio produced a drama movie and tested it on adult women. They complained a lot, but the studio released it without modifications. The movie was a failure.

These examples demonstrate target marketing. Thanks. 53 sec.
Test 7

According to the reading, emotional intelligence is the ability of people to understand emotions of others and to act fittingly in response to their emotions. This ability helps one’s personal and business life.
The professor uses two examples.

Fist, the professor, her daughter, and her friends went to a DVD store, but her friends took a long time selecting DVDs and the professor became inpatient and upset. Understanding this, her daughter encouraged her friends to hurry up.

Second, the professor controlled her temper and did not make a scene (yell at her daughter) in front of her friends, because the professor knew her daughter had been under stresses from mid-term exam.
These examples demonstrate emotional intelligence.
Thanks for listening. 48sec.
Test 8

According to the reading, some species dwelling in the water migrate vertically in the water to look for light, prey, temperature, etc. The professor explains two examples.

First, zoo planktons migrate to deeper depths at dawn and shallower depths at dusk to evade predators.

Second, sea creatures in Arctic migrate to deeper depths to escape from fresh water created by melting of glaciers during summer season.

These examples demonstrate vertical migration.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. 43 sec.
Test 9
According to the reading, businesses employ various pricing techniques such as penetration pricing and promotional pricing to promote their products. The professor explain these techniques.

First, the professor explains penetration pricing. A new department store sells products at 20% discount to gain new customers. Later it can increase the prices.
Second, the professor explains promotional pricing. A company introduces new diet sodas at a discounted price to break into the new market. Later the price can be increased.

These examples demonstrate pricing techniques.

Thanks for listening and hope you have a great day.
Test 10

According to the professor, mutualism is a kind of symbiosis that benefits both organisms. The professor uses two examples.
First, bees and flowers help each other, bees getting nectar from flowers, while flowers getting pollinated.

Second, crocodiles and Egyptian plovers help each other, plovers eating meat from teeth of crocodiles while crocodiles getting teeth cleaned.

These examples demonstrate mutualism.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. Bye bye now. 40 sec.
Test 11
According to the reading, some people specialize in one field and do not know anything about other fields that might be related with his or her field. This is called technical incapacity.
The professor explains two examples.
First, her English professor was an expert in Shakespearean literature and its era, whereas he could not teach modern literature because he did not learn modern literature.
Second, a cell phone manufacturing company asked engineers to write an instruction manual, but they used difficult technical terms unreadable to the general public.
These examples demonstrate technical incapacity.
Thanks for listening and have a great day. Bye bye now. 47 sec.
Test 12
According to the reading, businesses try to stimulate our five senses to promote their products. This is called sensory marketing. The professor uses two examples.
First, a pizza restaurant has an open kitchen so that customers can watch chefs cooking their pizzas. Customers stay longer and order more foods. This is appealing to the sense of sight.
Second, a cosmetic store uses various kinds of aroma to lure customers into the shop. Customers stay longer and purchase more goods. This is appealing to the sense of smell.
These examples demonstrate sensory marketing.
Thanks for listening and have a great day. Bye now. 45 sec.
Test 13
According to the reading, people have bad habits such as eating and drinking too much. They can imagine an idea that can be associated with unpleasant feelings in order to stop bad habits. This is called negative ideation. The professor uses two examples.
First, chocolate lovers can imagine chocolates are mud, so that they lose desire to eat chocolates, or even hate to see chocolates.
Second, a woman who wants to quit drinking may imagine that all alcohols taste disgusting to stop drinking.
These examples demonstrate negative ideation.
Thanks for listening and have a great day. Bye now. 45 sec.
Test 14
According to the reading, businesses make catchy advertisements to attract customers to purchase items or services. The professor uses two examples.
First, Apple Computer released a famous advertisement based on the Jorge Orwell’s story during the Super bowl match in 1984. This ad was so attractive that Apple’s computers became very popular.
Second, Coka Cola utilizes multiple advertisements such as TV, radio, billboards, and songs to attract customers. In fact, Coke is the number one soft drink in the world.
These examples demonstrate how attractive advertizing can promote products and services. Thanks for listening and have a great day. 48 sec.

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