Speaking Task 4 and Task 6 Template

Template Speaking Task 6

The professor explains …….. by giving two examples.
 The senses used for animal migration
 Human thermal regulation
 The features of anti-art
 The changes brought about by the industrial revolution
 How camera angles in the filmmaking affect audience perception
 Protective adaptation of animals
 How the feathers of loons protect them from the cold
 Mutualism in plants and insects
 Types of communities
 Two techniques of advertising used to attract different types of consumers
 Why bids consume dirt
 How carnivorous plants trap insects

First she describes A
She uses the example of …..
She says that…….. They…….
Second, she describes B.
She uses the example of…..
She says that

These examples demonstrate ………
 The senses used by the animal migration.
 The features of anti-art.
 How the industry revolution transformed society.
 Camera angles used in the filmmaking.
 Protective adaptations in animals.
 How the loon’s feather protect them from cold.
 Mutualism in plants and insects.
 Types of communities.
 Two techniques of advertizing.
 Why birds consume dirt.
 How carnivorous plants trap insects

Task 4


According to the reading, …… is ……..
 Companies use aggressive marketing to attract customers.
 Negative thinking can be used to break bad habits by associating that habit with negative attributes.
 System thinking is about focusing on the whole rather than minor details.
 Business networking can provide with focusing on each and building social network
 Reactant is phenomenon in which people disobey when they feel the freedom is restricted.
 A fixed action patter is
 An animal can learn by watching others.
 Animals adapted to efficient way to get foods without using too much energy.
 A company hires test customers to evaluate the quality of their services
 Animals enter dormancy to survive in hostile environment
 Social referencing is how people behave according to emotional responses of others.

The professor discusses two examples to explain…….
 Super-national organizations
 How aggressive marketing can work for a health club.
 How negative thinking can be practiced
 How system thinking can help solve problems.
 The benefits of being part of business network.
 How reastism occurs.
 The genetic behavior displayed by fixed action pattern.
 Animal observational learning
 Two ways gulls save energy during getting foods.
 How test customers are used to get information.
 Dormancy of the lungfish during drought.
 How infants use social referencing

First, he describes …...

Second, he describes …….

These examples demonstrate …….

 How aggressive marketing can draw customers
 Super-national organization
 How negative thinking can be used.
 How systems thinking can provide solutions to problems
 The benefits of business network
 How reactantism occurs.
 Fixed action patter.
 Animal’s observational learning
 Energy efficiency of an animal behavior
 How test customers are used.
 Dormancy of lung fish
 When infants begin to use social referencing.

時間がなければ、These examples demonstrate social referencing. でもよい。

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