TOEFL essay No.4

TOEFL essay No.4

Which do you prefer: traveling abroad with a tour guide or traveling alone?

Some people prefer to travel abroad alone because they enjoy freedom and flexibility. However, I believe that traveling with a tour guide is a much better option because a guide can organize a tour in a time-efficient manner, knows local restaurants that serve authentic food at a reasonable price, and is of great assistance in emergency situations.

Firstly, since a tour guide is very familiar with local sightseeing spots and traffic conditions, the guide can take you to all the best locations in the most time-efficient way possible. For example, when my family visited Bangkok, Thailand, a few years ago, we hired a local tour guide to show us around. The traffic congestion on that day was very bad, but the guide instructed the taxi driver to take alternate routes to the places we wanted to visit. If we had been sightseeing on our own, we would have spent the day stuck in traffic.

Second of all, a guide knows local restaurants that are not listed in the guide books and that serve good food at reasonable prices. When I visited Esfahan, the old capital of Iran, I asked my tour guide to take me to a local restaurant where I could eat the dishes that Iranian people normally eat at home. He gladly took me to a local restaurant and ordered the most delicious home-style food that I have ever tasted. Had it not been for his assistance, I would have been stuck eating at the restaurants that catered to tourists and served “Westernized” food. I would have missed out on a fantastic cultural experience.

Last but not least, a guide would be of great assistance if you find yourself in an emergency situation. For instance, a friend and I visited a rain forest on an Indonesian island called Chingababue to collect rare butterfly species, but while my friend was running after a butterfly, he accidentally stepped on a poisonous snake, which bit him. Our guide, Tommy, promptly took him to a nearby medical facility and told the doctor the name of the snake, so the doctor was able to administer the right kind of antivenom. Had we been collecting the butterflies on our own, my friend would have died in the jungle because I did not know where the hospital was, how to get there, or what kind of snake had bitten him.

In conclusion, as seen in the examples I have provided, I really believe that one should hire a tour guide when traveling in a foreign country, particularly when visiting a wilderness area, as the guide’s knowledge of the local culture and language can help make your trip unforgettable instead of a nightmare! And if you ever visit the Chingababue island of Indonesia, I know the perfect guide for you!
I am strongly convinced that = I believe
I am of the very strong opinion = I really believe
as demonstrated by the examples = as seen in the examples I have provided

a comma before because is not needed.
restaurants that are not listed in the guide books
I would have missed out on a fantastic cultural experience.
if you find yourself in an emergency situation
help make your trip unforgettable instead of a nightmare
stuck eating in restaurants that catered to tourists
spend the day stuck in traffic
When you fine yourself in an emergency
make your trip unforgettalbe instead of a nightmare
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