TOEFL essay No.3

It is better to work alone at home than to work with others at a company.
Agree or disagree?

Some argue that it is better to work with others at a company than to work alone at home because face-to-face communication is more efficient and some people only work hard when they are supervised by his or her boss. However, I am strongly convinced that it is better to work alone because it eliminates commuting time, almost all business transactions are done from the comfort of one’s own home, and a motivated employee can perform fully without daily supervision.

Firstly, working at home saves time because one does not have to travel to and from the office or place of business. For example, my friend once worked for a manufacturing company in New York, and it took him approximately 90 minutes to get to his office from his home, which meant that he spent 3 hours every day commuting. In addition, the trains he rode were so crowded that he could rarely find a seat; therefore, when he arrived at his office he was already exhausted. Had he been working from his home, those 3 hours could have been spent more productively and he would not have experienced the daily fatigue of commuting in the jam-packed trains.

Secondly, nowadays, one can perform almost all business activities remotely via the telephone, e-mail, and Skype. For example, my cousin works for a consulting firm and spends 80% of his work hours at home, 15% at his clients’ offices, and the last 5% at his company’s office for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly management meetings. He manages 10 subordinate junior consultants who travel extensively across the country and the globe; he stays home and gives daily instructions to them via phone calls and text messages.

Last but not least, some may maintain that people do not work hard unless they are directly monitored and supervised by a manager. This is not entirely true because employees who work remotely are normally paid on a commission basis or according to the amount of work that they perform, so they are motivated to work hard. If an employee understands his goals, objectives, targets, and expectations from his boss, he will perform his duties properly regardless of whether he is directly supervised. If someone only works harder when he is monitored by his boss, then he is not a good worker in the first place.

While some argue that it is better to work with others at a company than to work alone at home, I am strongly convinced that it is better to work alone because commuting time can be better spent in other pursuits, almost all business transactions can be done at home, and a motivated employee can perform with excellence without being supervised. There are currently many employees who work remotely worldwide, and with the further development of communication technologies, I expect this trend of working at home will be further expanded in the future.
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