The reading passage states that A; however, the professor insists that B.

Although the author of the reading claims that A, the professor counters that argument by asserting that B.

While the reading mentions that A, the lecturer believes that B.

In contrast to the reading, which claims that A, the lecturer states that B.

The reading claims that A.
The lecturer, meanwhile, states that B.

First, the reading declares that A.
The lecturer, however, claims that B.
He thinks that B.

Second, the professor claims that
The reading, on the other hand, makes the argument that

Finally, although the reading mentions that, the professor states that
According to him,

In conclusion, the professor believes, while the reading states.

The reading states that
The lecturer, however, disagrees and claims

The first point the reading mentions is that
It also mentions that
On the contrary, the professor asserts that

The next point brought up is that
However, the professor first claims that
He next declares that

Finally, in contrast to the reading's argument that, the professor says that
He then states that

All in all, while the reading brings up, the professor provides refutations and his own theory about.


The reading passage describes the reasons for the decline of the population of buffalos, but the professor counters by suggesting some reasons as to why the population of buffalos decreased.

The reading first mentions.
The author believes that
However, the professor says that

In response to the reading passage's assertion that A, the professor claims that B.

The reading passage the describes that
The professor agrees with that claim but states that
She then declares that

While the author of the reading passage believes that A, the professor is convinced of.
The reading passage asserts that A, yet the professor feels that B.

While the reading states that A, the professor believes that B.
She cites that

The reading next mentions that
The professor agrees but also says that
According to the professor,

Finally, the reading passage claims that
However, the professor counters by stating that
She also states adds that

The lecturer and the reading passage have virtually opposite opinions of
While the reading passage asserts that, the professor provides evidence contrary to this assertion and believes that.

In response to the accusation that, the professor mentions that
The professor says that

The reading also points out that
However, the professor says that

Finally, the professor says that
The professor mentions that
She also claims that

In short, the reading is skeptical of A; however, the professor fully believes B.
The author of the reading passage is convinced that
The professor, however, believes that

Fist, the reading declares that
However, the professor claims that
He further mentions that

The reading also discusses that
But the professor points out that

Finally, to counter the assertion in the reading that A, the professor claims that

According to him,
The reading strongly denies; however, the professor refutes this information and provides his own proof of this very fact.

The reading passage presents evidence that
The professor, however, contests this theory and believes

The first evidence presented in the reading is that

The professor counters by saying that
In addition,

Nest, the reading mentions
The professor, however, indicates that
He also says that

Finally, while the reading author believes that , the professor disregards this theory since ...
While the reading supports A, the professor believes B

The author of the reading is very much against A, the lecturer feels that

The reading mentions that
However, the lecturer declares that
She claims that
She also notes that

Finally, the reading passage believes that
The lecturer, on the other hand, feels that
She points out that

In conclusion, the reading passage feels, yet the lecturer believes
Both the reading passage's author and the professor have differing opinions of the best type of web for spiders.
While the reading passage opposes A, the professor thinks

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