Speaking Task 3 & 5 template

Speaking Task 3 template

According to the reading (announcement),………………………….
The woman does not think (thinks) it is a good idea for two reasons.
First, she says that
This is because (For example,)
(She also says)
Second, she mentions that
This is because (For example, To be specific,)
For these reasons, she believes it is (not) a good idea.

Speaking Task 5 template

The man’s problem is that …………………………………
The woman suggests two possible solutions to the problem.
The first suggestion is to
The second suggestion is to
I think the first/second suggestion is better for him.
This is because
For these reasons, I think the first option is better than the second one.

時間が余ったら、必ず、Thanks for listening. Hope you have have a great day.とお礼の一言を忘れずに。この一言で、採点者はあなたが、心に余裕のある英語の達人であるとの印象を受けます。是非試してみてください。

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Speaking Task 4 and Task 6 Template

Template Speaking Task 6

The professor explains …….. by giving two examples.
 The senses used for animal migration
 Human thermal regulation
 The features of anti-art
 The changes brought about by the industrial revolution
 How camera angles in the filmmaking affect audience perception
 Protective adaptation of animals
 How the feathers of loons protect them from the cold
 Mutualism in plants and insects
 Types of communities
 Two techniques of advertising used to attract different types of consumers
 Why bids consume dirt
 How carnivorous plants trap insects

First she describes A
She uses the example of …..
She says that…….. They…….
Second, she describes B.
She uses the example of…..
She says that

These examples demonstrate ………
 The senses used by the animal migration.
 The features of anti-art.
 How the industry revolution transformed society.
 Camera angles used in the filmmaking.
 Protective adaptations in animals.
 How the loon’s feather protect them from cold.
 Mutualism in plants and insects.
 Types of communities.
 Two techniques of advertizing.
 Why birds consume dirt.
 How carnivorous plants trap insects

Task 4


According to the reading, …… is ……..
 Companies use aggressive marketing to attract customers.
 Negative thinking can be used to break bad habits by associating that habit with negative attributes.
 System thinking is about focusing on the whole rather than minor details.
 Business networking can provide with focusing on each and building social network
 Reactant is phenomenon in which people disobey when they feel the freedom is restricted.
 A fixed action patter is
 An animal can learn by watching others.
 Animals adapted to efficient way to get foods without using too much energy.
 A company hires test customers to evaluate the quality of their services
 Animals enter dormancy to survive in hostile environment
 Social referencing is how people behave according to emotional responses of others.

The professor discusses two examples to explain…….
 Super-national organizations
 How aggressive marketing can work for a health club.
 How negative thinking can be practiced
 How system thinking can help solve problems.
 The benefits of being part of business network.
 How reastism occurs.
 The genetic behavior displayed by fixed action pattern.
 Animal observational learning
 Two ways gulls save energy during getting foods.
 How test customers are used to get information.
 Dormancy of the lungfish during drought.
 How infants use social referencing

First, he describes …...

Second, he describes …….

These examples demonstrate …….

 How aggressive marketing can draw customers
 Super-national organization
 How negative thinking can be used.
 How systems thinking can provide solutions to problems
 The benefits of business network
 How reactantism occurs.
 Fixed action patter.
 Animal’s observational learning
 Energy efficiency of an animal behavior
 How test customers are used.
 Dormancy of lung fish
 When infants begin to use social referencing.

時間がなければ、These examples demonstrate social referencing. でもよい。

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TOEFL iBT 119点

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